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Out on the water!

Family summer activity and adventure holiday

Out on the water!

Sea kayaking around the sheltered shores of Loch A Chadh-Fi

Tuesday August 16th 2011

On a high spring tide the sea laps just a few yards from the door of the Adventure School, and makes the morning swim a little longer than usual for those who chose to have a dip before breakfast (certainly to be recommended!).

Today we were exploring the network of coves and bays that line the shores of Loch A Chadh-Fi and Loch Laxford and provide homes to birds and marine mammals. The kayaks are a great way to travel, and you can get far closer to wildlife than you ever can on foot.

We took a range of boats today so everyone could chop and change as they wished. Some of the younger members of the team, keen to give the parents a run for their money, hopped into some new boats that we have this season, designed specifically to allow the younger paddler to keep up with the older, in a boat that fits them perfectly (and can turn on a six-pence). Others chose the larger coastal touring sea kayaks and a couple of doubles came too, allowing some 'lazy' and effortless moments as parents sat whilst children paddled (and vica versa). After all, it is a holiday.

We'll be out on the sea again tomorrow evening, fishing for pollack and mackerel for the kids survival night.