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Kingshott reach the summit of Ben Stack

Teams on the summit slopes as the clouds blow in and out

Kingshott School

Kingshott reach the summit of Ben Stack

Tuesday June 7th 2011

A fantastic effort today as the whole team reached the summit of Ben Stack. The mountain is never an easy day and the Kingshott pupils worked hard in their little teams.

It isn't until the pupils have a real challenge that they appreciate quite how much they are capable of. Jordan and Zoe tell more;

"Today we were going to climb Ben Stack, one of the biggest mountains in the area. On the mountain it was really, really windy but the best part was walking up the final 500m where we started 'eating' the clouds, and sometimes the clouds were so big all you could see was grey, but the view was absolutely breath-taking. After a few pictures we set up a bright orange shelter and ate our lunch.

When we got down, I looked back up and imagined. I had just climbed 720m high." Jordon C

"We were up at 6.30am, we ate breakfast at the bothy and were off to Ben Stack. From the front it didn't look so bad, so we walked to the top of it and it took a long time! When we got there we saw there was another long stretch of hill that we couldn't see from the bottom! After a while it seemed a bit impossible, everytime we got to the top there was another hill! Finally we reached the top. It felt awesome, I'd done it!" Zoe C