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From the east to the west

Above the Adventure School on the first night of the course

Robert Gordon's College

From the east to the west

Sunday June 19th 2011

The S5 team from Robert Gordon's College made the journey from east to west yesterday, arriving with us in time for a swim before supper and a walk up to the anvil stone above the Adventure School. A beautiful day on the west coast.

Today we were out sea kayaking on calm waters and under moody skies. A grey but atmospheric day. Both teams made a circumnavigation of Paddies Isle with a gentle swell on the outside of the island.

The teams also learnt to light and cook on an open fire, and make the most of the wild foods that are plentiful here. Mussels, bog myrtle tea and 'damper' will be the staples on survival island at the end of the week.

Out to camp at the foot of the mountain tonight!