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Raft build and race and ‘search to survive’ today

Yesterdays lobster creels

Gresham’s Prep

Raft build and race and ‘search to survive’ today

before the teams head for survival island

Wednesday July 4th 2018

Its another busy day at Ardmore with the teams up again for a run or swim before breakfast. The numbers keen for a swim usually dwindle over the week but not so for this plucky Gresham’s team!

Another beautiful day yesterday for the sea kayaking and climbing teams, and we had a good haul in the lobster creels before returning our catch to the sea.

Raft building and racing today, and ‘search to survive’, a wilderness orienteering course that sees the children operating independently for the first time without direct oversight of teachers or instructors. A carefully crafted level of freedom and a chance to practice decision making before they head for the island late this afternoon.

All are well and on good form. Some more photos to follow on our Facebook page later today.