50 years of adventure and life-changing experiences in beautiful isolation, 1969 – 2019

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Are you looking for a true wilderness adventure for your child – full of exploration, discovery and exciting activities, with real learning opportunities?

Ridgway Adventure provides a positive, safe learning environment. Being a parent myself, I fully understand the responsibility of looking after young people.

Our experienced, qualified and friendly staff work alongside adventurers throughout the holiday, offering help and support whilst teaching new skills.

Our holidays help individuals to grow through their experiences, gaining self confidence whilst developing a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst their peers. Qualities such as initiative and speed of thought are encouraged. Self reliance, self discipline and control are often called upon. New challenges are faced, skills developed and friendships forged.

Some of the benefits our holidays offer

Our holidays help young people to work as a team to achieve their goals, widen their learning experience in a different environment and build cross-culture friendships.

‘Adventurers’ develop new skills by being involved in the planning of expedition phases. They will come face to face with realistic challenges and be responsible for parts of the expedition, under the watchful eye of our trained and qualified instructors.

They will benefit from being part of a lively team of young people keen to achieve. The expedition will include reviews in order to assess personal and team achievements whilst allowing time to catch up and relax.

What else can Adventurers gain from their experience with Ridgway Adventure?

  • self-reliance
  • positive thinking
  • a sense of ownership
  • effective communication skills
  • lifelong friendships

We aim to:

  • Explore a remote area; discover what is there and how to conserve it
  • Develop new practical and social skills
  • Practise leadership and teamwork
  • Learn more about yourself and others

North West Highlands Geopark

Ridgway Adventure is located in a Special Area of Conservation and inside the UK’s first designated Geopark.

» North West Highlands Geopark

John Muir Award

We run the John Muir Award to help adventurers develop a balanced environmental viewpoint. The award is guided by our staff and recorded in adventurers’ own style.

» John Muir Award