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Ridgway Adventure · Summer camps for young people
Frequently asked questions

Are Ridgway Adventure staff qualified?

Yes. Ridgway Adventure's staff are qualified and experienced in the activities that the company provide. Ridgway Adventure holds a license issued by the Adventure Activities licensing Authority (AALA). AALA lay down specific requirements that all license holders must meet in terms of their staff's qualifications for the activities that they offer. Above and beyond AALA's recommendations, Ridgway Adventure run an intensive induction course for their staff focusing on the environment that they will be working in, the company operating procedures, health & safety and risk assessments. We work with high ratios of staff to pupils to ensure the best possible experience.

What are the facilities like at the centre?

We can accommodate up to 40 young people + staff. We have 8 toilets and showers (1 suitable for special needs), 8 bunkrooms, spacious dining room, kitchen, bootroom and drying room. See our building plan and photos of rooms.

Our staff accommodation is set away from the main building as is the drying room and equipment stores. There is a volleyball court, boules and indoor games available when people are not involved in an outdoor activity.

What are the bedrooms like at Ridgway Adventure?

The rooms are spacious, clean and well lit all with a wash hand basin. All rooms are on the ground (1st) floor. All bedding is provided.

How will young people be chosen to share a bedroom?

From experience we work on similar age, same sex and suitability basis. We remain vigilant to make sure that the groups in the bedrooms are happy and functional. We will change people if this is not the case. We ask teachers with accompanied School and College groups to allocate rooms before they arrive.

Are young people supervised in the evenings?

Yes. Each evening they will be taking part in supervised recreation or preparing for activities for the follow day. Also available are volley ball, table football, card games, chess, backgammon etc. We do not have television.

Is there access to a telephone?

There is no land line or internet access at our base. There is mobile phone reception close to the base. If you need to pass on a message this is possible via Ridgway Adventure's office.

How much pocket money should my child bring?

Ridgway Adventure has a small shop which sells waterproofs, fleeces, insect repellent, midge head nets, sweets, soft drinks and crisps - we suggest approx. £30 and more if you are planning to hire kit or purchase larger items.

What is security like at Ridgway Adventure?

We suggest that valuables or items of significant sentimental value are not brought on the holiday. Passports and money can be lodged safely with Ridgway Adventure at time of arrival. There is always a duty instructor who will be available any time of the day and night.

What is the food like?

The food is wholesome, well balanced, high energy, home cooked and nutritious. There is a cooked breakfast, packed lunch and 2 course hot evening meal each day.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes. We cater for all special dietary requirements as long as we know well in advance.

What happens if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities?

If it is not suitable to run an activity, we will either change to an activity that suits the conditions or in the event that the weather conditions are hazardous, we have a range of suitable indoor activities. Ridgway Adventure's activity programme has been developed to suit the varied weather conditions during a Scottish summer.

Are young people 'forced' to do all the activities?

No, young people are never forced. We do encourage people to attempt all parts of the activity programme. The programme is specially designed so that everyone can achieve during their time with Ridgway Adventure. If we feel that a young person is not going to benefit from a particular experience then they will not need to continue the activity.

Does Ridgway Adventure supply any equipment?

Ridgway Adventure supplies all technical equipment for the activities that we offer. We also hire waterproof jackets and trousers, walking boots, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Other items can be bought from our on site shop. We do need to know requirements prior to arrival. Please see the kit list.

Should young people bring wet suits?

There is no need to bring your wet suit as Ridgway Adventure supply good quality, clean wet suits. If you have a skin allergy you may like to bring you own.

What are the toilet facilities like for camping?

We camp at the base of a mountain, not in a commercial campsite. Ridgway Adventure ensures that the toilet facilities at the campsites are hygienic and that all at the camp are familiar with the routine of keeping themselves and the facilities clean.

How far away are medical facilities in case of an emergency?

Ridgway Adventure's staff are first aid trained and full first aid kits are taken on all activities. When away from our base a support vehicle is available. We are situated between our two local Doctors surgeries; Kinlochbervie 8 miles north and Scourie 8 miles south. Surgery is twice daily. The Doctor will come to the adventure school in an emergency. There is an ambulance at Kinlochbervie and air ambulance available if needed. Inverness is our local Hospital.

Do you get midges at Ridgway Adventure and what are they like?

Midges (small biting insects) are common throughout the west of Scotland. Their season is approximately July to mid September, and they can be a nuisance. With the suggested precautions, midge head net and Jungle formula midge spray (see kit list), you will not be too badly affected. We do our very best not to go to areas where we will be affected by midges. If you know you have a bad reaction to biting insects then it is wise to bring anti-histamine tablets or cream to treat any bites.