You could invite a couple of families to join you to make a total of ten people or more and come to Ardmore for six days of great adventures in the mountains and on the sea.  Your own experiences, guided by Rebecca, Mark and our small team of instructors, and shared only with your group.

We’ll put together a week of great adventures for you and your families

Make the very most of this beautiful, wild and remote landscape.   Stay in our Norwegian-style wooden long building with delicious home cooking.

Climb a mountain (wild camp if you want), sea kayak together in a sheltered sea loch teeming with wildlife, rock climb and abseil on an ancient rocky outcrop, join us in our workboats to go sea fishing and lift lobster pots from the deep.   We’ll teach the children to forage on the seashore for wild foods and show them how to cook them on an open fire.


Climbing Arkle with views towards the Adventure School and the Atlantic beyond.

Across at Ardmore, we’ll see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat used by John Ridgway, and Rebecca’s Cape Horn sea kayak.

On the penultimate night of the week and after a final briefing, we’ll drop the children by boat onto Survival Island.   This is a chance for them to put all their skills together to survive overnight on an uninhabited island, whilst the adults have a quiet night at the Adventure School.

Our week finishes with a beach day on the golden sands of Oldshoremore with body boards and beach games.


Teams on survival island as the setting sun lights up the mountains

Bespoke to your families

We have a programme that works well for families and includes all the best bits of Ridgway Adventure.

However, this is your week and we can tweak and change the programme to suit you.

So if you love the sea and want to spend more time kayaking, or you’d rather not wild camp that’s fine.

This is our home and we know the landscape like the backs of our hands. We’ll agree on a plan with you beforehand that suits everyone’s aims.

Who could a week like this be for?

Extended family, so cousins can spend time together experiencing real adventure. Maybe you want to come with your friends and their children. It can be any conceivable team.

All we ask is that you put together a group of ten or more, with children of 8 years and over, and you can have the Adventure School and our undivided attention all to yourselves.

If you would like to make an ‘Expedition’ of it, for example, multiple days away in sea kayaks or in the mountains we would suggest the younger members of the group be at least 13 years old.

We arrived home and immediately wanted to return to Ridgway.  You, Mark, Alfie and all the guys made it a truly memorable week for us.  Grub’s stories have obviously been embellished! I may have also told a few people I swam in the loch every day!



We typically have bespoke weeks for families in the latter half of the summer holidays and occasionally during the October half-term.

Our courses arrive on a Saturday and depart after an early breakfast on a Friday.

How to arrange

The content of every course is slightly different and we create the content based on the ages of the children in your group and our understanding of the landscape here.

Contact Rebecca for an informal chat and to find out more.

The details

For more information on accommodation, food, safety, kit and travelling to Ridgway Adventure follow ‘The Details’ link below or click here.

More information

Something different: Father and sons sea kayak expedition

In previous years we have run a ‘father and sons’ sea kayaking week. In both cases we were approached by one of the fathers, looking for a unique experience for him and his friends, to share together with their teenage sons “before they became too cool to hang around with Dad!”

The father organising the trips had spent time with us before, one as the Headmaster of a secondary school bringing a course to us later in summer, and the other, a veteran of a couple of adult sea kayaking weeks a few years before.

A mix of skills, an expedition, some nights wild camping in remote coves with a driftwood fire and Atlantic horizon sunsets, the other nights spent at the Adventure School with the comfort of a wood-burning stove and hearty home-cooked meals. They shared the experience exclusively with their own party and our small staff team.

Interested in a course for your family?

Please do get in touch and we can put some ideas together for your team.

Contact Rebecca