Coronavirus / COVID-19 Information

Monday 13 July 2020

With Scotland starting to re-open, we are cautiously able to welcome ‘households’ to enjoy Ardmore and the adventure school. We have thoroughly assessed the risks of our activities in relation to Covid-19 and put into place measures to keep you, your family, our team and our local community as safe as possible.

What we are able to offer to ‘households’;

Sea kayaking days; follow the link to find out more.

A guided mountain day;

A day combining a journey on our workboats to lift a few lobster and crab pots and look at the catch, fish for mackerel with hand lines, forage on the seashore for limpets, winkles and shoreline plants and learn to light a driftwood fire in a remote cove. We will teach you to cook any fish we have caught over your open fire and, if you wish, how to build a survival shelter from old yacht sails.

A family holiday, fully catered, with activities each day, just one family a week, staying here at Ardmore in your own house.

Please do call or email me if you would like to know more about any of these options.

Summer Camps in 2021

Our 2021 Summer Camp dates are now listed on the website. As with all our courses this summer, any booking made for a Summer Camp in 2021 will be fully refundable should your booking be affected by Covid-19.

Young people have missed out on so many of their plans this year. We are sorry not to have been able to welcome the 11 schools who were due to join us between May and September and the 100+ young summer camp participants from all over the world. We have refunded all course fees in full unless participants want to come next year instead, and remain positive about the prospects for the future.

Mark and I hope you are keeping safe.  Being outside feeling the sun, breeze (and possibly rain..) on your face, whilst on the water or in the hills must be one of the best tonics after the last few months.

Our office is in our home and I would be delighted to hear from you at anytime.


19 May 2020
14-Day Expedition Summer Camp | 6-Day Summer Camp | 10-Day Young Leaders Course

We hope that you and your families are safe and well in these difficult times.   With so much uncertainty for everyone, we are keen to provide some clarity to parents and summer camp participants who are due to join us this summer.

Our summer camps draw individual young people from all over the UK, Europe and further afield and have done so for the last fifty years.   Whilst the world begins to ease some lockdown measures it is clear to us that there will be limitations on travel for some time to come and that this will vary from country to country.

At the moment Scotland remains in full lockdown until at least 28th May. The Scottish Government has advised that any subsequent easing will be slow and careful. This is slightly different from the situation in England and other European countries.

The safety and wellbeing of our course participants and small staff team is always our top priority and the implications of strict social distancing in a residential setting would fundamentally change the experience,  potentially compromise the safety of both participants and staff, and likely be unworkable for us in the short-term. We have no way of knowing what the government advice will be at the time.

So much uncertainty still remains over how the situation might look in July and August but both Mark and I feel that it is important to provide some degree of early clarity to parents who have booked their child on a summer camp with us.   

With all this in mind, we have decided to cancel our three summer camps scheduled for July and August.   These are the Six-day and 14-Day Summer Camps and the 10-Day Young Leaders Course

I have two children myself who are at home rather than at school and university as they would otherwise have been. Mark and I are acutely aware of just how much all our young people have missed out on over the past months. However, we feel that safety and certainty are most important at this time.

Two options are available to those who having bookings on our summer camps;

1)         A full refund of your deposit (and balance if already paid to us).   We will try to process this within ten days of receiving your request to do so.

2)         Roll-over your deposit to the same Summer Camp in 2021.   With this option, your child will have a confirmed place on next year’s summer camp and the age ranges will adapt as necessary.   You can contact us at any time until 10 January 2021 if you change your mind and would instead prefer a refund.   This would allow us time to offer the place to someone else.

We have emailed all summer camp parents on the email addresses provided when booking, so please, if you haven’t seen the email do lookout for it.   We’d like to know your preference as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

We are a small family business and have been running summer camps and courses here at Ardmore since 1969. Many of our courses and summer camps fill through word of mouth and personal recommendation. We hope that you might continue to support us in the future by sending young people to us for adventures in the mountains and on the sea or by recommending us to others.

The role that outdoor experiences can play in the development of young people is huge, and will only become more important as the world emerges from this pandemic. We hope that people will not lose sight of the importance of truly adventurous experiences.

This is our home and we are here so please do call or email me if you have any queries.

With our best wishes,

Rebecca – 19 May 2020

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Ardmore is our year-round home and we are here so please do call or email me if you have any queries.

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