Leadership courses focussing on effective communication, small team leadership and realtime decision making. We use the mountains, sea and the rugged terrain in between to create meaningful training and tangible leadership opportunities bespoke to your organisation.

Effective communication

Operating in a remote and dynamic environment requires careful and active communication amongst the team.

Through the training and expedition phases here we have the perfect opportunity to enhance communication skills, clearly highlighting what works, and what can be worked upon.

The team will use radios during the expedition to communicate progress and receive important information.

Strategies for clear radio communication, in the absence of visual prompts, can greatly improve face-to-face communication between individuals and the group.

Leadership training Ridgway Adventure

Small team leadership

Taking leadership responsibilities within an organisation can be a daunting prospect.

The course here allows team members to experiment with their own leadership style and learn freely without worrying how mistakes might be perceived.

We use a simple structure, which when combined with effective communication, gives a framework from which to lead.

The expedition phase of the course gives the opportunity to lead the team for a considerable period of time through real situations.

We use informal and constructive reviews during the expedition to share ideas for the benefit of all.

Realtime decision making

The expedition gives each team member the opportunity to lead and coordinate the actions of the group for a considerable period of time.

As new briefs and supply drops are reached, real decisions will need to be made to ensure the safe travel of the group to the next destination. It allows each leader the chance to manage the planning of the phase, the input of the team members and oversee the actions taken to reach the next supply drop.

Team members will employ the skills used in the training phase and we will only intervene if the actions of the group are unsafe.

Receiving the next map and brief on expedition

How we do it

This is not about telling your staff how to do their jobs. It is about equipping them with a range of skills that can be learned in our environment.

Skills that they can then use in their day-in day-out role to become a more effective team member and a positive and engaging leader and communicator. No flip-charts, no powerpoint.


A period of training on the land and the sea, both in soft skills and leadership techniques, and in the hard skills required for the expedition phase.

We’ll spend time teaching navigation, face to face communication and distant communication with radios, and some time spent on the water in sea kayaks or other watercraft.


A peer-led multi-day expedition with real decision making as the team travel together over land and water to reach their next maps, briefs and ration drops.

We will tailor the details of the expedition to suit your team, it is designed to be challenging and rewarding but within the physical abilities of the participants.

The level of observation will balance the need for feedback with the benefits of independence for the team.


We typically run bespoke courses in late-Spring or early-Autumn.

A six day format is ideal for this course.

How to arrange

The content of every course is slightly different and we create the content based on the needs of your organisation and our understanding of the landscape here.

Contact Rebecca for an informal chat and to find out more.

I would like to say again how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for us. It was without a doubt one of the best weeks of my life and I’m already missing Scotland and the passion and enthusiasm of everyone from Ridgway Adventure.

Daphne KUBBINGA, Wassenaar Rescue Brigade

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