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Sea kayaking and sunshine in the far northwest

The team arrived just after midday today after stopping for breakfast in Ullapool.

With a couple of calm days to come and then some really windy weather forecast for later in the week we decided not to waste any time. A quick bowl of homemade soup and bread and we were back outside to get started.

The Reds went sea kayaking first with Matt and Mark. Perfect conditions, the sea loch was like a millpond. The water itself is looking pretty dark after last weeks rain and the autumn colours are in full swing, with the seaweeds an orangey yellow and the heather still with some of its purple colours left. The Red team shattered the calm, tearing around the sea loch, exploring, learning new skills and leaping off the boats into the water!

The team arriving on foot along the vehicle track at lunchtime today

Meanwhile the Blues set about some kit faff, preparing their day packs for the rigours of the coming week, and setting off with Rich to a high point above the Adventure School, to get a 360 degree view of all the places we will explore together.

With a later than usual supper scheduled to fit the kayaking in, the two teams swapped over at 4:30pm with the Blues taking to the water in the kayaks. Low sunlight over the water as we paddled back in at 6.30pm ready for a 7pm supper. Spanish omelette and salads followed by chocolate cake for supper this evening.

Tomorrow we plan to rock climb and abseil, and use our workboats to go and lift some lobster creels, fish for mackerel and see the Atlantic rowing boat at Ardmore. We plan to wild camp tomorrow evening at the foot of Arkle ready for Monday’s mountain day, so the next news page post will follow on Monday evening when we return from the hills.

In the meantime all are well and focussed on the adventures to come.

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