Team Life at Ardmore

Spring is here at Ardmore

Newborn lambs enjoy the brilliant weather

We are enjoying an incredible spell of weather at the moment and then newborn lambs are enjoying the sunshine. All to often the temperature drops and we get a last gasp dusting of snow on the hills but not so this year.

Greylag geese cross the small channel between their nesting sites on A Chadh-Fi island to graze on the grass of the crofts and Tinker has great fun chasing them. It will be a while yet before the first goslings appear following their mothers in uniform single file like primary school children behind their teacher.

The first lambs of the year at Ardmore

Rebecca keeps with the tradition of the morning runs with Tinker keen to join in. The early mornings are magical here at this time of year. The running route takes us through the wood, down the waterfall path at Upper Ardmore, over Gentles Brae and the Croacher Burn to the post boxes at Portlevorchy. There is plenty of work on the croft with strimming and drain clearing both much easier during this dry weather. A bit cold still for painting but that will join the list of jobs before too long.

Early morning light from the wood at upper Ardmore

We understand that we are incredibly lucky to be at Ardmore amidst the global struggle against Covid-19. We hope that all those people associated with Ardmore and the Adventure School from the last fifty years are well and safe, with their families, wherever that might be.

For us, this summer will look very different from the 50 that have gone before. The Adventure School will be a much quieter place than usual. As and when the situation and government advice allows for people to travel, school trips to start again and our courses to run as normal we will do what we can to be up and running again.

We have been in touch with all the teams that we were expecting over the coming months and we are here, at home and in the office if you need to reach us.

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